Pavemend® concrete and asphalt repair products are quickly becoming the preferred repair materials for Turnpike, State DOT bridge crews and discriminating engineers who recognize the value of durable, permanent concrete and asphalt repairs. Contractors and maintenance personnel save time, reduce repair costs, and minimize exposure to traffic and traffic disruptions.

Concrete and Asphalt Repair Applications Include:

Full & Partial Depth Bridge Deck Repairs Dowel Bar Retrofits Industrial Concrete Repair
Bridge Header Joints Cold Weather Repairs Concrete Exposed to High Heat
Bridge Approach Slabs Runway Repairs Concrete Exposed to Chemicals
Form & Pour Repairs Utility Trenches Concrete Exposed to Wastewater
Joint Nosings Post Grooving Treatments Manhole Rehabilitation

Sustainable Concrete and Asphalt Repair Technology

Featuring technology developed in the USA, Pavemend® products require only the addition of water, no bonding agents or curing compounds. Pavemend® concrete and asphalt products are easier to use, offer greater durability provide, superior return on investment, and are by the far the most sustainable repair products available today.